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Root'Skankers radio show ina guidance style! 04 08 17

Publié le 2017-08-06 13:28:45 Root'Skankers radio show ina guidance style! 04 08 17
Strictly guidance and itection selections.

Tracklist: Word sound and power, Serengeti/mankind solidarity, Naggo Morris/Jah guide, Twinkle Brothers/ Get behind me satan, Shaka Johnny Clarke/Praize up Jahoviah, keety Roots ft Sta sax, Mighty Massa ft Fred Locks/Militant, Moa Anbessa/Jah Calling, Earl 16/Movement, Goldmaster all star/ Stepper Heaven, Crucial Alphonso, Shaka ft Johnny Clarke/ Blood dunza, Roger Robin/I see jah, Disciples ft Dixie Peach/Militant, Disciples dubplate/Spirit of Shaka, Echotone all star/Psalm 23, I Element/Rumble steady, Bredrin record/Rasta munshot, Mighty Massa/ Armagideon time, Noel Zebulon ft TNT Roots/Inspiration dub, Ital Soup/Mistry Babylon, Inner Sanctuary/Awaking, King Earthquake ft Winston Fergus/Trompet blow, Indica Dubs ft Uprising sounds/Militant, Shaka ft Johnny Clarke/Jah is my light.

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