Radio Resonance by RADIO RESONANCE

Radio Resonance

Root'Skankers radio show ina guidance style! 04 08 17

Root'Skankers radio show ina guidance style! 04 08 17
Strictly guidance and itection selections.

Tracklist: Word sound and power, Serengeti/mankind solidarity, Naggo Morris/Jah guide, Twinkle Brothers/ Get behind me satan, Shaka Johnny Clarke/Praize up Jahoviah, keety Roots ft Sta sax, Mighty Massa ft Fred Locks/Militant, Moa Anbessa/Jah Calling, Earl 16/Movement, Goldmaster all star/ Stepper Heaven, Crucial Alphonso, Shaka ft Johnny Clarke/ Blood dunza, Roger Robin/I see jah, Disciples ft Dixie Peach/Militant, Disciples dubplate/Spirit of Shaka, Echotone all star/Psalm 23, I Element/Rumble steady, Bredrin record/Rasta munshot, Mighty Massa/ Armagideon time, Noel Zebulon ft TNT Roots/Inspiration dub, Ital Soup/Mistry Babylon, Inner Sanctuary/Awaking, King Earthquake ft Winston Fergus/Trompet blow, Indica Dubs ft Uprising sounds/Militant, Shaka ft Johnny Clarke/Jah is my light.

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