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Root'Skankers radio show Strictly Rub a Dub 02/12/16

Root'Skankers radio show Strictly Rub a Dub 02/12/16
Selection special Rub a Dub style!

Tracklist: 1-Mi love life - Lady Ann 

               2-Row fisherman row - K Quatty

               3-Strictly the dread - Toyan

               4-On the right track - Johnny Osbourne

               5-Cool out son - Junior Murvin

               6-Poor man transportation - Junior Reid

               7-Penitentiarry -Kojack/Tribute to Moa Anbessa -Barrington Levi/Linving in the ghetto -Deltone Sceechie

               8-Dancehall vibes - Anthony Johnson/Jack slick - Junior Murvin

               9-Empres - Solo Banton/Gallang Parly B

             10- Love we want - Dawa HiFi ft King General

             11-Bun di Ganja - Rebel I ft George Palmer

             12-Dance teng - Brother Culture/Hot a di press - Daddy Freddy - Panda Dub 

             13-Rock inna dancehall -Kenny Knots/Back on the scene -Mikey Murka/Higher level -Carl Meeks -Mungo's

             14-Sleng Teng Riddim/ I'll get along without you - Dennis Brown/Under me sleng teng - Wayne Smith                         Capture rasta - Culture

Root'Skankers Radio Show 07/10/16

Root'Skankers Radio Show 07/10/16
Selection roots and culture.

General Root'Skanker aux controls pour une selection retraçant l'histoire de la culture reggae du roots au rub a dub en passant par le digital et le stepper uk. 

Root'Skankers Radio Show 23 09 16

Root'Skankers Radio Show 23 09 16
From the roots to digital uk selection.

Voici la première émission du Root'Skankers Radio Show. Séléction Roots, Rub a Dub, stepper, et digital UK. 

3 épisodes